How to make sense of the 2001 Tim Burton Planet of the Apes, along with Putting it in line with the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Original 1968 Planet of the Apes

The Tim Burton Planet of the Apes not only makes sense, but I can put it in the same universe as the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011PotA), and the original 1968 Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes (1968PotA).

Spoilers to all follow:

The Ape saga starts with 2011PotA. In that movie, in the background of one of the scenes, we see the spaceship Icarus taking off on a news program on TV. That spaceship is taking Charlton Heston and the gang up on their journey. In 1968PotA, the spaceship Icarus hits an anomaly and is thrust forward into the future, arriving back on Earth which has been taken over by apes. This anomaly was just starting out and was in a much more chaotic state than later on. As such, Icarus bounces out of the anomaly without traveling very far in space, just traveling forward in time.

Meanwhile back on 2011PotA, for those on Earth, it appeared as if Icarus just disappeared. James Franco goes about his business of developing ALZ-112, which ends up making apes smart and results in a virus starting to spread around the globe.

Missing from a not yet produced sequel: The virus doesn’t wipe out humans, but does result in a huge global disaster with major geo-political consequences. While the smart apes are mostly wiped out by the government, many exist in the wild indistinguishable from others (when they don’t want to be discovered). The government decides it needs to conduct research and development so they can deal not only with smart apes, but other smart animals that might rise up against us in the future. A space lab is built so that no smart animals can escape and cause havoc on Earth again. Markey Mark is sent to space to work in the lab.

With Markey Mark in space, we have 2011PotA. The ape Pericles goes into the anomaly first. This is the same anomaly that sent Charlton Heston and his gang into the future in 1968PotA. However, now with the anomaly in 2011PotA, the anomaly is more stable, but still growing. Entering the anomaly sends you in a direction in space and a direction in time. The larger the anomaly the further in time and further in space. The anomaly follows a First-In->Last-Out (FiLo) process. Markey Mark follows Pericles into the anomaly and eventually the space station itself goes in.

Thus we have going in: Pericles->Markey Mark->Space Station.
Coming out: Space Station->Markey Mark->Pericles.

Pericles travels further into the future, while the space station doesn’t travel as far forward into the future.

So in 2011PotA, Markey Mark crashes on another planet after the space station, he gets caught, fighting occurs, Charlton Heston makes a cameo, he falls in love, all of that. Finally, while being chased by General Thade, he comes across the space station that crashed long before he did. More fighting, and General Thade gets trapped in the space station.

Then last to emerge from the anomaly, Pericles comes down to the planet without crashing. Markey Mark jumps aboard and takes off going back the other direction into the anomaly. Traveling the other direction sends you back in time and back in the other direction in space. In this case it takes Markey Mark back to present-ish day Earth. General Thade meanwhile survived, and was rescued from the crashed space station. He finds one of the probes and is eventually able to repair it and launch the probe into the anomaly.

Going into the anomaly after Markey Mark results in General Thade arriving on Earth before Markey Mark. Thus General Thade is able to muck around and distribute ALZ-112 that he was able to find and read about while trapped in the space station. Apes take over America with General Thade as the leader. Markey Mark lands at this point and sees Thade’s Aperaham Lincoln.

Missing from another not yet produced sequel: Humans in other countries go nuke, but due to the second wave of the virus and leadership by Thade, the apes take over Earth.

Meanwhile back on 1968PotA, the Earth that Charlton Heston landed on in the way distant future is the Earth that has been destroyed by humans and ruled by apes since General Thade.

All of this is documented by a message in a bottle found by two space travelers named Jin and Phyllis. Unfortunately, they dismissed all of it as humans obviously would never have the intelligence to write such a story.


Monney Car Audio in Redwood City Rocks My World!!!

From my Monney Car Audio in Redwood City Yelp Review:

Price: 5 out of 5
Friendliness: 5 out of 5
Service: 5 out of 5
Knowledge: 5 out of 5

Monney Car Audio is located at:
2001 Middlefield Road
Redwood City, CA 94063-2830
(650) 299-9991

Monney Car Audio - Redwood City - Car Stereo Installation

I had a great experience with this place. Really, just as perfect for service as you can get.

I stopped in on a Monday and explained that I had just purchased a car and really wanted iPhone integration. The owner let me walk around and browse to get a feel for the place without sales pressure.

After telling him what I wanted, he gave me a nice low-priced simple solution. Kind of a “start here” solution. It was pretty inexpensive, but I wanted to find out what other options there were, and if I could possibly afford a killer system.

I was walked through all the options all the way up to the top of the line. I can’t emphasize enough how “no-pressure” there was on this. There was no BS “you need this” or “you have to add that”. He listened to the things that mattered to me, and finally suggested a couple of different models for me to chose from. Not once did he try to upscale me on things I didn’t want or need. For example, the speakers were just fine.

I asked how soon I could get it installed, and he said I could come by the next morning at 10am for same day service. This was great, and I told him I wanted to do my homework and come back if still interested. Still no pressure, he said I could come by or call if I had any questions.

I did a ton of research. I printed out everything I wanted and what the cheapest prices were online. I read online reviews on the products I was interested in, and all the tips and tricks for getting the best out of them.

The next day I returned, much later than when I said I would, and he greeted me warmly. We went over the pricing, and everything seemed perfectly fair and reasonable. My car is a Mercedes, so I really wanted to make sure the work done was first rate.

Here’s where they really deserve a top score: He knew all the insides and outs of both my car and of the stereo. All the research I had done online that was very specific to my car and stereo was all stuff he knew like the back of his hand. I can’t emphasize how important this is. You can have your equipment installed by someone who’s reading the instructions, or you can have it installed by someone who not only reads the instructions but also researches online all the details and issues others have had and has done enough work to know how to do things right. Monney does.

I had other equipment I wanted pulled. Monney was able to do this and still have the car look like new. I really appreciated the attention to detail here.

Although I was really late, it wasn’t a problem. I was offered a ride and a rental car while they worked on it. When I returned, the stereo was perfectly installed without problem and Leo himself went through how the stereo works and waited to see if I had any questions. One problem was with my iPhone itself (Bluetooth), and he knew how to resolve it quickly.

I couldn’t be happier with all of this.

The quality of the work was top-notch.
The in and out was incredibly fast.
They were very knowledgable and friendly.
The *total* price for what I got was better than what I found when I shopped around.

The bottom line, is that there’s a reason why this shop has been so successful in this location as long as it has.


Kevin J Edwards Video: Sky Diving in Santa Rosa California

Kevin Edwards goes sky diving in Santa Rosa California… A beautiful day with a nice view of the wine country near Sonoma, Napa, Marin and San Francisco.

This video of Kevin Edwards can be download here or viewed on YouTube.


Il Trittico – Patricia Racette – Must see this opera (again)

Paul Padillo, who is far more qualified than me to write an opera review, just posted a review of Patricia Racette in Il Trittico.

I saw Il Trittico with Patricia Racette in San Francisco and was just blown away. Il Tabarro, the first act, was wonderful, but I wasn’t prepared for the emotional experience that was going to occur with Suor Angelica, the second act.

Patricia Racette is my new favorite in the world of opera. Suor Angelica is a wonderful story and was supposed to be Giacomo Puccini’s favorite. The production in San Francisco was incredible, but must be seen, as visually, there’s a twist…unique to this production. It’s a shame that the New York Met didn’t choose this one as part of it’s Opera Live in HD series (which are wonderful by the way). Patricia Racette is called upon not only as a soprano, but to fully deliver the ending, her acting needed to be flawless. Everything came together in a perfect storm that just blew me away emotionally.

Following the 2nd act of Suor Angelica is of course Gianni Schicchi as the 3rd act. This is a hysterical comedic farce which also demanded some significant acting to pull off. Gianni Schicchi is fast paced, and funny throughout, and features the beautiful aria O, Mio Babbino Caro…again, just an amazing performance.

After Il Trittico, I went home and jumped online hoping to buy better seats for the next performance, but was very disappointed to find out that I had just caught the last performance in San Francisco.

Fortunately, Patricia Racette performing Il Trittico in New York. I used to live in New York, and haven’t been back since 2001. Amazingly, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go to New York and catch her performance on December 12. I couldn’t be more excited. Christmas is early this year!

Oh, and speaking about the New York Metropolitan Opera Live in HD and Patricia Racette, I should also add that she was the host of the Live HD broadcast of Turandot, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. I’m really digging Puccini these days.

One last thought: If you like opera, italian food, wine, and incredible views, be sure to check out Opera Nights at Servino’s Ristorante. They take place once a month in Tiburon and are attended by a wonderful group of opera lovers in the Bay Area.

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