Webcasting live from Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF 2011) on Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 10am PDT – San Francisco, CA

Webcasting live from Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF 2011) on Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 10am PDT – San Francisco, CA.

IDF is where people from every part of the technology world gather to hear about Intel’s latest advances and witness its vision for the future first-hand. With hundreds of sessions, keynote presentations from top Intel leaders, and a strong set of sponsoring organizations from across the industry, IDF provides a rare chance to engage and learn across the entire compute continuum.

For over a decade IDF has been Intel’s premier conference, helping to shape the direction of tomorrow’s technology. Attend IDF 2011, and see where tomorrow’s technology will take you.

Bookmark this page, or embed this player on your site/blog. We’ll update this player with the live webcast on September 12. We’re now showing highlights from Research@Intel:

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Il Trittico – Patricia Racette – Must see this opera (again)

Paul Padillo, who is far more qualified than me to write an opera review, just posted a review of Patricia Racette in Il Trittico.

I saw Il Trittico with Patricia Racette in San Francisco and was just blown away. Il Tabarro, the first act, was wonderful, but I wasn’t prepared for the emotional experience that was going to occur with Suor Angelica, the second act.

Patricia Racette is my new favorite in the world of opera. Suor Angelica is a wonderful story and was supposed to be Giacomo Puccini’s favorite. The production in San Francisco was incredible, but must be seen, as visually, there’s a twist…unique to this production. It’s a shame that the New York Met didn’t choose this one as part of it’s Opera Live in HD series (which are wonderful by the way). Patricia Racette is called upon not only as a soprano, but to fully deliver the ending, her acting needed to be flawless. Everything came together in a perfect storm that just blew me away emotionally.

Following the 2nd act of Suor Angelica is of course Gianni Schicchi as the 3rd act. This is a hysterical comedic farce which also demanded some significant acting to pull off. Gianni Schicchi is fast paced, and funny throughout, and features the beautiful aria O, Mio Babbino Caro…again, just an amazing performance.

After Il Trittico, I went home and jumped online hoping to buy better seats for the next performance, but was very disappointed to find out that I had just caught the last performance in San Francisco.

Fortunately, Patricia Racette performing Il Trittico in New York. I used to live in New York, and haven’t been back since 2001. Amazingly, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go to New York and catch her performance on December 12. I couldn’t be more excited. Christmas is early this year!

Oh, and speaking about the New York Metropolitan Opera Live in HD and Patricia Racette, I should also add that she was the host of the Live HD broadcast of Turandot, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. I’m really digging Puccini these days.

One last thought: If you like opera, italian food, wine, and incredible views, be sure to check out Opera Nights at Servino’s Ristorante. They take place once a month in Tiburon and are attended by a wonderful group of opera lovers in the Bay Area.


BlogWorld & New Media Expo – Las Vegas 2009

If you’re going to BlogWorld & New Media Expo – Las Vegas 2009, let me know, because I’ve got connections!

From Connected Social Media, a preview of BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2009:

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