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Hello from Europe! Or as they say: bonjour, hallo, ciao, hola, здравствуйте!, and retournez à la maison.

For those that have somehow missed my bragging about my trip. I’m doing a tour of European opera houses from February 26 to March 21. I’ll be in Paris, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Innsbruck, Verona, Venice, Naples, Rome, Milan, Zurich, Thun, Interlaken, Bern, Geneva, Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux, Irun, and Barcelona.

I’m calling my trip Europera 2010.

A detailed itinerary can be downloaded via PDF here.

You can see postings here detailing my journey along the way, or follow me on Facebook.

You may find that I’m surprisingly more reachable while on vacation. Feel free to email me, if you have my address, or send a message through Facebook if you don’t have my email address. You can also SMS or call me, but please use my special number for this trip, which is free to me, and whatever a call or SMS to San Francisco would normally cost you. My number during this trip is: (415) 690-7593.

If I don’t return your message, it may be because of the time delay, or maybe I’m more interested in strolling down the Champs-Élysées, scuba diving in Nice, skiing the swiss alps, or simply doing things you Americans wouldn’t understand than I am with helping you sync your calendar to your iPhone.

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  • Lisa says:

    I am interested in hearing about your experience in using iphonetrip.com. If you would be so kind to call me for a quick discussion on how it worked and any bugs you may have had.

    Many thanks,
    Lisa Foley
    (Kevine: I removed phone number from this comment)

  • Sean Milligan says:

    Thank you so much for your review of iphonetrip. I am considering their service for upcoming vacation travel in central London. Did you ever test their 3G speeds? I am wondering how pokey the Google Maps was. I used a different local service on a prior trip to London and what I found was that the 3G service (using the “3” network) was generally available outdoors, but almost never available indoors (though luckily it was in my hotel!) and the service was rather slow (around 1.1 Mbps on average). Were you able to connect to 3G regularly indoors when in London? I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

  • kevine says:

    In general I found 3G in Europe to be much better than here in the US, London included. Rarely did I bother connecting to the wifi. I’d imagine there could be buildings that were “deep” indoors or underground that would have problems, but I never experienced much of it. There were times I did move to better locations for better reception, but in general things were fine.

  • Ray says:


    Nice to see you can travel the world!! Me, I’m just trying to stay out of South Beach while the urban weekend is in high-gear..

    Appreciate your information…. just wondering, relating to a post/blog you did on Canon 7-d wireless connectivity a couple of years ago. Has there been any improvements, new recommendations of cf-to-sd adaptor/eye-fi card gear?

    Really would like this kind of setup (clients on couch, looking at my shots as they happen… no wires.) so any new thoughts would be appreciated again. Then I’ll just go out and by the stuff and hope for the best! Also, any step-by-step on how to set up my tablet/monitor (which ever one I get)for this to work?

    Thanks a lot
    Miami Beach

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