BlogWorld & New Media Expo – Las Vegas 2009

If you’re going to BlogWorld & New Media Expo – Las Vegas 2009, let me know, because I’ve got connections!

From Connected Social Media, a preview of BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2009:

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Intel 32nm Westmere – There’s A New Apple Macintosh In My Future

From Connected Social Media, Making The First 32nm Microprocessor With Intel Rock Star Sanjay Natarajan:

Sanjay Natarajan is an Intel rock star and director of logic technology development for the worlds first microprocessors built with 32 nanometer process, codenamed Westmere. Sanjay shares how Intel has reinvented the transistor again, improving upon Intels leading 45nm processor by creating smaller gate pitch and higher drive performance. He talks about using immersion lithography technique for the first time, and how different teams across Intel optimized new energy efficiency and performance features that will be available inside all new Intel Core microprocessors in 2010.

Expect to see much more at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2009.

No official word yet on this innovative technology being in an Apple Macintosh, but that’s just Apple being silent about future products as usual. Meanwhile my iMac and MacBook Pro are starting to have that “it’s time to upgrade” feel to them.

One often overlooked advantage of Apple’s switch to Intel architecture is that we have a much better insight into Apple’s product roadmap since it will be bound to follow Intel.

While the exact date of release may be an unknown, we can look at what the 32nm chips bring to the table and plan accordingly. In my case, I’m still on a Intel Core Duo, not the Core 2 Duo. As a result, running Snow Leopard gives me a slight benefit, but I’m going to see a huge jump when these new 32nm Macs are released.

Ok, so you want my prediction? I have no credible insight into this. I’d start looking for 32nm MacBook Pro or iMac rumors on, Engadget, Gizmodo or MacRumors for leaked info, but personally, I’d really like to get a new MacBook Pro before CES 2010.

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